Challenge Details

General Rules

Challenge Structure

The challenge is divided into three stages, I. Warm-Up, II. Qualifying, and III. Tournament. At each stage, you can develop your agent locally and upload your solution to the cloud server (supported by Huawei Cloud) for evaluation. In the evaluator, environments are modified in different ways to simulate various of real-world problems. The modification is not directly accessible to the participant. 

I. Warm-Up


The puck is randomly initialized on the left side of the table. The initial velocity is zero. The objective is to hit the puck to score a goal as fast as possible. 


The puck is randomly initialized on the right side of the table with a random velocity heading left. The objective is to stop the puck on the right side of the table and prevent it from getting scored.

II. Qualifying 


In this task, the opponent moves in a predictable pattern. The puck is randomly initialized with a small velocity. The objective is to score the goal as many times as possible.


Same as above.


The puck is initialized close to the table's boundary and is unsuitable for hitting. The task is to control the puck to move it into a good hit position. The puck is not allowed to cross the middle line.

III. Tournament

Evaluation Metrics

Success Rate: 

Deployability: Each deployability metric is assigned one or multiple penalty points based on the level of risk. The deployability score is counted when the constraints of the evaluation metric are violated. Each metric is computed at most once per episode (maximum 500 steps per episode). 

Each evaluation consisted of 1000 episodes. The success rates were used to rank the leaderboards. The deployability score is the sum of the penalty score from all episodes. The rankings were divided into three categories based on the score of deployability.


The simulator specification of the Robot Air Hockey Challenge is summarized in the following:

Real Robot Experiments

We will invite the top 3 winners to our lab to test their solutions. These teams will compete against each other and against our baseline. We will also live-stream and record the competition. 

Please note that the awards will not refer to the results of the real robot's competition.